The importance of communication in marriage

A happy and contented married life is built with open exchange of desires, belief and emotion through constant communication. On the other hand, there is no perfect marriage and all couples go through rough times, which can affect how spouses communicate with each other.

People who have issues in their marriages always say that they don’t communicate with their spouses anymore. Meaning to say, they don’t communicate effectively anymore. These issues will obviously occur due to the amount of time they spend together and the decision they make. Truth be told, people always communicate with each other no matter how vocal or silent they may be.

Effective communication goes hand in hand. It’s a learning process that requires broad understanding, patience and acceptance of the two involved people. Definitely, understanding the importance of communication is the first step to improving your marriage. But really, why communication is very important in marriage?

Improves The Quality Of Marriage

Communicating the issues helps improve and strengthens the quality of marriage as well as the bond between spouses. Making efforts on developing strong bonds with the kids and extended families can improve the chances of a relationship to succeed.

It Gives Assurances

A satisfied relationship is directly linked to assurances that couple gives to each other. Assurances confirm one’s passionate desires for the other and are often established through acts of love, respect and giving inspirational words. In communication studies, couples who participated in assurances have proved to have better marital satisfaction and loyalty.

Avoids Confusion

Lack of communication can damage any relationships. Even couples who’ve been married for 60 years cannot always foretell what the other person is thinking. Rather than jumping to a conclusion based on your own thoughts or statements from other people, asking the person directly in a precise and discreet language can avoid confusion and make things clearer. Thus, it’s imperative to state each other’s thoughts honestly and positively.

Demonstrates Greater Marital Satisfaction

An effective communication that every couple is consistently practicing has demonstrated greater marital satisfaction. Satisfaction in marriage enables couples to live a healthy and happy life. Otherwise, lack of communication can lead to unresolved conflicts and misunderstandings and often contribute to marital dissatisfaction, and this habit, when not solved, humiliates the relationship.

It Strengthens Trust And Respect

Without trust, honesty and respect, a relationship wouldn’t survive. Communicating more clearly and effectively with your partner builds greater trust and respect. Being open about each other’s weaknesses, likes and dislikes as well as being good listeners is a good indication that a couple is effectively communicating.

In marriage, it takes two to tango. Couples should find a way to talk to each other and spend some quality time together no matter how well they know and love each other. Effective communication can be learnt by building companionship, sharing intimacy and being on the same agreement. Evaluate the things that cause you conflicts, things that bring you feelings of connection, things that disappoint you and things that you don’t want to talk about. While it may not be easy at first, managing the situation with proper communication can lead to a more fulfilling relationship.

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