How To Increase Your Partner’s Sex Drive?

Otherwise known as libido, sex drive takes a crucial part on the maturation process of the body which begins around puberty. When everything’s settled, both genders would feel an increased sex drive all through their adulthood period. However, when your partner occurs to have lower libido, it can normally result in the relationship problem. While it might be too difficult to deal with, don’t worry. There are still some ways to enhance his/her sex drive.

Consult a sex therapist.

Sex therapists are family therapists or psychologists who specialize sexuality problems. Determining the factors which trigger your desire discrepancy oftentimes requires psychological analysis. However, you may also resolve these problems in just one sitting with your partner. Plan a good time to discuss the problem, talk about the underlying issues that contribute to the problem and most importantly, do listen carefully to each other’s concerns. Trust, communication, and empathy serve as the main foundation of a healthy sexual relationship.

Convince her/him to put himself/herself first.

Due to our hectic schedule, both in work and household chores, we tend to lose time for ourselves. As parents, we tend to put everyone else’s needs on the top of our priorities. Thus, we miss times to practice self-care. Oftentimes, wives rarely hit the salon while their husband does not go anymore to the gym. This might result in losing the usual spark and heat you’ve feel just like the old times.

Talk to your partner and remind her/him to get the ‘me’ time. Take your wife/husband to a romantic date or go with him/her to the gym. Always ensure that he/she has time to relax and unwind. By doing so, she/he will feel better and look better, which later on may translate into more energy and desire.

Get plenty of physical activities and exercise.

Don’t underestimate the power of exercise. Just say, for instance, a research which published right on the Journal of Sexual Medicine proved that roughly 20 minutes of your everyday exercise is sufficient to fire up the arousal level in a woman’s genital and body. It can be due to the fact that a run improves blood flow.

Watch out for any possible physical causes.

It can’t be denied that hormones have a crucial role in our sexual desires. Once your partner suddenly reduced her or his desire, inspect first her medicine cabinet. Determine whether she just began taking new medication like birth control pills. For women, they might be suffering from hormonal change due to menopausal stage. Seek help from pros.

A massage will do the trick.

Giving or receiving a massage is a wonderful way to let the juices flow. Primarily, it implicates intimate interaction with your partner. All that pressurizing and rubbing could really be a major turn on. Apart from that, it also significantly aids in relieving tension and stress in the body.

Pour out some oils, light up a few candles and add a soft melody to get your buddy in the mood.  If you’re really determined to spark up the desire between you and your partner, then don’t miss doing these aforementioned things.




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