Cheap Date Night Ideas for Couples

Forget those expensive tours and fancy dinners. The good news is that you can have quality time with your partner with the right attitude and a bit of extra cash!

Here are our cheap date night ideas to keep that flicker alive;

A walk to remember.

At times, simple is fun and unforgettable. Why not take a walk around the neighborhood with your partner or make a tour into a beautiful town? Such a quick and very economical idea to escape the busy place! You can walk gently or take in the view of the countryside.

Play a game.

Games are not only fun with friends, but with your loved one as well. Look around and see some collections of board games you can play together. Games such as trivia games, Love Letter and Age of War work well. Video games are a good alternative, too!

Movie night it is.

This is the best alternative if you think going to the cinema would make a hole in your wallet. It’s cheaper and you don’t need to deal with other people as well. Don’t you think it’s more romantic being alone in the dark without a group of people surrounding you?

Visit a museum.

If you and your partner are history enthusiasts, you can go to a museum and share your ideas. The museum you’re planning to visit doesn’t need to be too expensive, though. Look for tourist attractions into your place that provides a little insight into its history.

Have a cup of coffee or tea with a delicious dessert.

Instead of going out to a luxurious restaurant for a full meal, grab a hot coffee, chocolate or tea and a plate of appetizing dessert – perfect while having a small talk over several things.

Bake together or cook a dish.

Are you and your significant other love experimenting different dishes in the kitchen? Then, preparing a special dessert or making a meal is such a good idea. Add candlelight to make the night lovelier.


Get to know the cosmos and go outdoors and see who can detect the Big Dipper and North Star first. You can stargaze in your garden, or visit parks or local colleges that offer public viewing at night.

Plan ahead!

Be equipped with information so that you can have good ideas for your upcoming special date. Check internet websites for the schedules. After long, heavy work schedules, treat yourself and your partner with some of the awesome date night mentioned above. Aside from boosting up your relationship, these date nights can also give you an opportunity to provide emotional support, communicate and understand the concerns and problems of each other. It is essential to plan the event prior to your date. Your date can feel more appreciated if you plan it ahead of time.

There are many other cheap and fun date nights you can explore together. So, the next time you want to spend some quality time with your partner, try any of these and reap fruitful, memorable moments together!


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